Jady Bolt Duarte involved in scandal over exclusive interview agreements with british newspaper

Jady Bolt Duarte and Usain BoltThe student Jady Duarte, or Jady Bolt if you are intimate, got into a mess with the staff of the British newspaper The Sun, which ended in the Special Commission for the Support of Tourism (DEAT) of the Leblon neighborhood, on Tuesday, 23.

According to Extra newspaper, English journalists have signed an exclusive contract for an interview with Jady but refused to pay the agreed amount in advance because of a breach of the student. In addition to The Sun, the girl spoke with other tabloids like the Daily Mail and The Mirror.

After discussion, the police officers considered that there was no crime, and registered the case as an atypical fact. Jady must provide new evidence in the coming days.

Follow Jady Duarte Bolt on her Instagram https://www.instagram.com/pfvrjady/  and on her Twitter account https://twitter.com/jadyduarte_ where she now is famous and answers questions from all over the world. Apparently she also has https://www.instagram.com/jadyduarteofficial/

On interview to the tabloids, Jady said that the Jamaican courted her dancing to a Rihanna music while showering. According to her, the communication part was done by Google translation tool. She also says that Bolt gave her 100 euros (350 reais) at the end of the night, claiming that the amount was used to pay for a taxi.

“I thought we were having something, but now I see that he exchanges women as fast as he wins gold medals,” said Jady to the newspaper.

Last Name – Just a few days after the leak of photos with the athletes, Jady hired a manager to negotiate the interview with the British newspaper The Sun. The student was also announced in a flyer of a funk party in Rio de Janeiro as a special guest. In the picture, a picture of her next to the new surname to: Jady Bolt.

Ryan Lochte loses 4 sponsors following Rio false allegations. What really happened in Rio.

Ryan Lochte loses sponsors following RIo incident.The American swimmer Ryan Lochte, involved in the case of the false declaration of robbery during the Olympic Games in Rio, lost its main sponsors on Monday, August 22nd.

The brand of sporting goods Speedo USA Swimming, aesthetics company Syneron Candela, the clothing brand Ralph Lauren and and the manufacturer of mattresses Airweave announced that they no longer support the athlete.

These four were the main sponsors of the swimmer, who holds twelve Olympic medals including a gold in Rio 2016, in the relay race 4 x 200 m.

“As part of the decision, the Speedo USA will donate US$ 50,000 (about US $ 160,000) of the amount paid to Lochte to Save the Children, a global institution partner charity of the Speedo matrix for children in Brazil,” said one of the former sponsors in a statement on their Twitter post.

Speedo USA announcement below.

“While we have enjoyed a victorious relationship with Ryan [Lochte] for over a decade and it has been an important member of the Speedo team, we can not forgive behavior that goes against the values that the brand stands for so long,” the he said company. Speedo thanked made of Lochte, and also said that “hopes that he go ahead and learn from this experience.”

Ralph Lauren brand announced it will not renew their agreement with the swimmer, which was specifically for the Rio Games. The brand took all references to tne gold medalist from their site.

Syneron Candela, who had chosen Lochte as a global brand ambassador for their products in April, also broke the sponsorship.

The last to cancel the agreement with the athlete was the japanese manufacturer of mattresses Airweave.


US swimmers leave the party in Rio.


The controversy involving four US swimmers began during the Olympics in Rio, when Ryan Lochte, 32, said he was robbed in the early hours when he returned to the Olympic Village after leaving France’s thematic house at Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas.

He was accompanied by three other swimmers: Gunnar Bentz, Jack Conger and Jimmy Feigen.

Three days later, the Court of Rio understood that there were discrepancies in the accounts of athletes and ordered the seizure of passports of US swimmers Ryan Lochte and Jimmy Feigen. With the measure, they would be prevented from leaving Brazil. Lochte, however, had already left the country 24 hours before the obstruction of justice.

The Federal Police then prevented the shipment of two American swimmers, Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger, a flight to the United States. They were prevented from leaving Brazil to provide clarification to the civil police about the alleged assault on Thursday (18).

The sheet was at the gas station where the athletes said they had been assaulted and interviewed the owner of the establishment, who asked not to be identified. He said that Americans “have not entered the bathroom. They began to urinate in the garden and on the wall in the store side.”

The police concluded that athletes were involved in a fight when returning to the Olympic village and that there was no robbery.

The US Olympic Committee and Ryan Lochte apologized to Brazil.

In addition to possible losses sponsors, Lochte may also suffer punishments in sports. The director general of the Olympic Committee of the United States, Scott Blackmun vowed on Sunday (21) the four American athletes swim team should receive sanctions soon.

The reason for the lie apparently was Lochte’s girl that stayed back in the hotel that night.

Airweave’s announcement below.

Meet Kayla Rae Reid, Ryan Lochte’s lying reason

Kayla Rae Reid, Ryan Lochte's girlfriend at the time of Olympic GamesKayla Rae Reid, 25, does not enter the pools, does athletics fields and works as a model, but has become one of the main topics of the Olympics because of a great controversy. The name of the young lady came to light after the American swimmers Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger told the police that the lie of the alleged armed robbery suffered by athletes group was created by Ryan Lochte, US swimming star, to preserve his relationship with Kayla.

Seven years younger than Lochte, she works as a Playboy bunny – received the magazine’s miss title last month – and began to be seseeing the swimmer back in March of this year.

In an interview with US Weekly in March, Lochte said his focus was never love life, but that he had found a special person. “Now that I have one, stability is good. It is also very nice to have a person who is not in swimming and does not know much about it,” he said.

Before coming to Brazil, Lochte took the summer in the northern hemisphere to travel to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with Kayla, who recorded in their social networks tours, accommodations occupied by the couple and the sights.

In the days leading up to the controversy at the gas station and the unfolding of the statements of the four swimmers, Kayla was in Rio de Janeiro to encourage her boyfriend at the Olympics.

Follow Kayla Rae Reid on Kayla’s Twitter and @KaylaRaeReid Instagram.

Texas de Brazil

Texas de Brazil story begins in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The traditional rodizio style native to this region, one of the partners had visions of bringing this culture north to the United States. Settling in Texas, it was apt that this unique style brought from Brazil be combined with the hospitality that is indigenous to the lone star state. Combining the culture and feast of Brazil with the service and class of the states, Texas de Brazil Brazilian Steakhouse emerged. Texas de Brazil is family owned and operated and continues to expand both domestically and internationally to bring the Brazilian Steakhouse dining experience to new and exciting geographical locations.
The restaurant is an authentic Brazilian-American “Churrascaria” or steakhouse that combines the cuisines of Southern Brazil with the generous spirit of Texas.
Complete your dining experience with one of many dessert selections, and then relax with an after-dinner drink or steaming espresso and enjoy the ambiance that is Texas de Brazil.

Everyone is trying to put out the olympic torch flame

Cougar killed while carrying the Olympic Torch in Brazil.The Olympic Games in Brazil are about to be a big fiasco. A huge amount of money was spent and stolen between developers and politicians and the country is in the worst crisis of its history. But Brazilians as they are don’t lose their chance to have fun.

These are the most unusual moments of the Olympic Torch in Brazil:

The handicapped person that was carrying the torch ended up not being impaired at all.

In Recife, they carried the torch under the heavy rains that flooded the city.

This guy was arrested for trying to put out the flame.

Here, here falls carrying it.

Another person trying to throw water at the torch.

In Rio, a guy got shot while carrying the torch.

And to top it all off, they killed the cougar that they took from the forest to carry the torch!

Go Brazil!!!

Fogo de Chão Steakhouse in San Antonio, Texas

Fogo de Chão® (fo-go dèe shoun), is an authentic Southern Brazilian steakhouse. In 1979, Fogo began sharing the gaucho way of preparing meat in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Today, the gaucho chefs still grill more than 20 cuts of meat and offer continuous tableside service.

You can enjoy delicious preparations of chefs along with gourmet market table, authentic Brazilian side dishes, and award-winning wine list.

Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse in San Antonio is located at:
849 E. Commerce Street
San Antonio, TX 78205

Top 5 Tips for Moving to Brazil

Brazil Urban Beach.Moving is a stressful because it can be a long road before everything is all said and done. This can be especially difficult for anyone moving out of the country. Not only will you have to cancel utilities and set them up again at your new residence, but you will have to find the best deals when hiring household movers and international auto transport companies.
To make moving less stressful, stretch the process out over a couples months rather than into a couple chaotic weeks. The experts in the moving industry offer the best tips for moving to Brazil. Representatives are standing by waiting to consult with you and answer all of your questions. You can receive a free quote in fifteen minutes on how much it will cost to transport your belongings and automobile to Brazil.

Here are some tips to help you with your move to Brazil:
• Bring the Proper Paperwork- Whenever you enter another country you will have to provide the proper authorities such as customs agents with documentation such as your driver’s license, passport, proof of insurance, and bill of lading.
• Document the Condition of Your Items- Before you ship your household goods or automobile, make sure to take pictures of the condition of all your items. This will help back up your case in the event of an accident.
• Keep Up with Customs Regulations- Whenever you transport a vehicle into another country, you will run into customs officials. These are the people who enforce the rules and regulations on automobiles being imported into Brazil. Customs agents and moving professionals work together for that.
• Contacting a Moving Company- When it comes to scheduling a ship date, you should provide the company with at least 30 days notice. Scheduling a ship date should be done after you take inventory of all of your items. Taking inventory helps the company to calculate an accurate quote as well as provide peace of mind.
• Finding Reputable Companies- Both household and automotive transport companies offer excellent customer service and reliable international transport to Brazil for realistic prices. To make sure you get the best rate, compare quotes from three different auto transport companies and three different household moving companies.

Popular Ports in Brazil
• Belo Horizonte
• Distrito Federal e Enterno
• Porto Alegre
• Recife
• Rio de Janeiro
• Sao Paulo

Why You Should Hire a Professional Transport Company
It is recommended that you contact a company that specializes in delivering the items you are trying to transport. In the case of a vehicle, you will want to rely on an professional auto transport company because they have the tools essential to successfully ship a vehicle overseas to Brazil. Both household moving companies and auto transport companies have one thing in mind and that is providing excellent customer service.
When dealing with reputable movers, you get the best technology the industry has to offer. By reading customer reviews online, you can find out just how high the success rate is for this industry. Shippers will have many options to choose from and can take advantage of real-time satellite tracking to keep an eye on their cargo as it makes its way to Brazil.

How to Prepare Your Home for a Move
To reduce the amount of tension and stress that moving can create, it is important to remain organized. One way to stay organized is to break down one room at a time. Start by packing up items in the largest room in the house. The best place to start is the living room because it is usually the largest room in the house and located closest to the door.
Keep all of your packaged goods in that room once they have been properly packed, sealed and labeled. Have all labels facing out on the side of the box so that they can be read easily when loading and unloading. Create a safe work environment by removing all trip hazards and keeping small children occupied at a safe distance from the work zone.

How to Prepare a Vehicle for International Transport
• Remove any lose items or personal possessions
• Disable the security alarm if the vehicle has one installed
• Make sure the gas reading is no higher than ¼ of the way
• Check the fluids, tire pressure and battery
• Wash the bike and document the damages including small scratches and abrasions

TomorrowLand Brasil Selfie Festival

Tomorrowland's Dirty PoolThe Tomorrowland Brazil, which took place on Saturday (April 23) in Itu (São Paulo), is investing heavily in bringing renowned attractions of musical electronic scene. But the same can not be said of spaces for leisure. Unlike Lollapalooza, for example, which offers the public a small amusement park, the Tomorrowland electronic festival presents a unique attraction: The Fusion Pool.

With total capacity of 500 people, the pool attracts massive queues with youth swimming trunks and bikini prepared to fall into the water. No matter her condition, which is increasingly mess with the flow of people, but what counts is cool in the “warmth” of 40 ° C which is the Maeda Park.

Dreamville, Tomorrowlands camping area, is where the public can sleep during the days of the event. Here, about 20 thousand people from 65 nationalities. A four minutes bath goes for R$ 15.

The structure and set design impressive from the entrance, guarded by a giant inflatable rainbow. Inside, there is a common area equipped with a bakery, convenience store, bathrooms with showers, bars and food shops, mobile charging points, among other facilities.

The type of accommodation depends on the category of tickets. In the simplest (R$ 250), the participant takes their own tent. In “Spectacular Dream Lodge”, pays real R$ 5.200 and is entitled to a small tent with a wooden deck on the front.

On a table at Tomorrowland, a group of friends of a businessman from Goiania Paulo Henrique Costa squandered a small fortune of R$ 40,000 they invested in whiskey, vodka and champagne.

Their ostentation added to the avalanche of selfies show that the part of some regulars of Tomorrowland are more concerned with showing beautiful on social networks than appreciate what the event offers.


Brazilian touch on Kelly Slater’s song

Karian Zeviani on Instagram with SlaterKelly Slater is really a character full of ideas and energy. After launching his own drink brand, own brand of clothes and recently his own wave pool, he also released recently a song with some very brazilian character.

The famous Surfer from Florida, 11-time world champion, is investing in a new area: music. Kelly Slater wrote and plays “Feelin’ the feelings”, which includes the participation of Brazilian singer Karina Zeviani and carioca musician Pretinho da Serrinha.

The song was recorded in a studio in Rio de Janeiro and is now available on iTunes. “Feelin’ the feelings” has a particularly Brazilian touch, as the singer Karina Zeviani and musician Pretinho da Serrinha follow Kelly on the record.

The music was composed by Slater, and mixes lyrics in English and Portuguese, and has pinches of cuíca and tambourine (pandeiro), typical Brazilian instruments. Karina is the former lead singer of the American band Thievery Corporation, and has given some interviews counting how the partnership with the surfing phenomenon happened. According to her, during a party at the brazilian tv host’s house Luciano Huck, several musicians playing, Slater entered with a ukulele and soon was already made a duet with the Brazilian girl.

Kelly Slater recording in Rio.

It is not the first time that the 11-time world champion leaves the surf boards to venture into the music world. The bald man has played with Jack Johnson and ventured on vocals with Donavon Frankenreiter, and several other musicians.

Kelly Slater, in partnership with VEVO, released the video on YouTube, at the URL below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIdVDfl3zNY

Luxurious residential building by Zaha Hadid in Copacabana planned for 2018

Zaha Copacabana Luxury BuildingThe first project in South America by architect Zaha Hadid, who died this Thursday, will be released in July in Rio de Janeiro. The luxury residential building called Casa Atlantica at Copacabana Beach, will have 30 units and should be ready in July 2018.

Some points that still need to be finalized will be touched by the architect’s studio.

Zaha was the first woman to win the Pritzker, the world’s leading architectural award. She declared herself an admirer of Oscar Niemeyer, as she said in an interview with Globo in 2012.

With regard to Brazil, Zaha recalled the effect that Oscar Niemeyer had in her production and praised the Brazilian architect:

When visiting the city to attend the Arq. Futuro event, she commented on the unique landscape of Rio de Janeiro: “Rio juxtaposes and opposes: Seascapes and peaks, modernity and disorder, wealth and poverty The loneliness of urban forests contrasts with crowds people and shops in the city center. The integrity of slum contrasts with the opulence and perfection of Copacabana and Ipanema. These extreme surroundings are what makes the city so incredibly unique. I believe that cities need places for things can shrink and grow – we need to allow and plan organic growth -. and we have much to learn from this organic expansion of the city with his energy and pace, Rio is absolutely breathtaking.

Surf’s Up in Rio with Dani Susuki

Dani Susuki is beautiful. To keep her body in shape, the actress Daniele Suzuki spares no effort to get her physical activity on. She usually posts pictures on her Instagram showing her surfer version. In one of the pictures she appears all happy on a surfboard, while in another image she poses next to friends.

Dani looks to really like the water and surfing and that is hot! She recently posted a picture while she refreshed at a waterfall and philosophized: “To wake up, to feel the power that is on our side and connect with nature is a privilege. There’s a lot of life around us ….”

Dani Susuki and her surfboard.

Dani Suzuki usually goes surfing at Prainha in the West Zone of Rio, and is usually targetted by the paparazzi as she goes there. The actress shows that she is in great shape when on her bikini.

She is pretty good at the waves and lives nearby. What a lucky girl she is. Prainha is one of the most beautiful beaches of Rio de Janeiro and one of the best beaches for surfing too!

Follow her on Instagram @danisuzuki and Twitter @danisuzuki  where she usually posts about her surf sessions.

Dani Susuki surfing at Prainha.

Fernanda Souza: from child actress to Brazilian Fitness Model

Fernanda Souza and Thiaguinho getting married in 2015.Known by the public as Fernanda Souza, she conquered child fans when she played Mili girl in the children’s soap opera “Chiquititas” aired by SBT and took the first steps in her carrer in commercials and doing small roles on television.

Fernanda Souza is married to brazilian samba singer Thiaguinho since February 2015 and is dedicated now to fitness just like other Brazilians and especially famous residents in Rio de Janeiro.

She has inspired many girls with the body that she displays on social networks. Fernanda works out three times a day to get burn 1200 calories. “In the morning I do an aerobic activity while fasting, with light loads to 6.5 km on the treadmill for 40 minutes to burn fat. Later, after breakfast, I do strength training with dynamic range also with the intention to increase caloric expenditure, or I spend an hour doing muay thai classes,” she said.

Fernanda and her husband Thiaguinho, a brazilian samba singer.

On this Google Image Search, you can see several FErnanda Souza’s images and you can follow Fernanda on her Instagram @fernandasouzaoficial and on her Twitter at @eufernandasouza

Fernanda Souza on the beach.

Look at Fernanda's belly. That's dedication to fitness.

Pictures from her Instagram and O Globo.


How to open a pousada or hotel in Brazil

Inn pousadas in Brazil.A dream of many Brazilians and foreigners, opening an inn on the beach or in the mountains of Brazil to live in a peaceful and tranquil place is a big investment of money and time. The entrepreneur also needs to prepare for heavy maintenance costs, low profit, full dedication and truth is, many of the beautiful parts of Brazil are not that peaceful anymore.

Pousadas, the name for an “inn” in Brazil is a hosting option for those looking for more affordable options outside the major centers. The facilities, simpler equipment and services, make the pousada a great choice for those looking for the warmth of family, food and leisure.

The definition of a pousada is an establishment that is characterized by having up to thirty (30) housing units or capacity to serve about 70 guests. In general the hotels serve breakfast which is already included in the daily rate and snacks such as sandwiches, pastries and soft drinks.

Pousadas specialize in exploring the possibilities of the region where they are located, such as historical elements, extreme sports, typical fruits, traditional cuisine, beach recreation or leisure mountain, farm environment, climate of the mountains, etc.

To start from scratch, one needs to have at least R$ 1 million, which will be applied in the purchase of land, construction, equipment and furniture, manpower training, formalizing the company and marketing expenses. The potential for revenue of this type of business can be considered low because the leisure hotels operate with a third of annual occupancy on average. For an inn with 20 suites, for example, the maintenance costs can range from R$ 20,000 to R$ 25,000 and the monthly average profit is around R$ 15 thousand.

To find out the potential revenue of an inn, multiply the average daily rate by the number of available daily in the month (which varies with the number of rooms). As the average occupancy of hotels is a third, divide the value obtained for three to find out the potential revenue.

For example, an inn with a daily average rate of R$ 200 and 20 suites will have 600 dailies available in the month, has a maximum monthly income of R$ 120 thousand. Dividing this figure by three to arrive at the average gross revenues of R$ 40 thousand.

To reach the average profit, subtract operating costs. For an inn of this size, with at least seven employees, it is R$ 20,000 to R$ 25,000 per month. Subtract further R$ 10 thousand to go to other debt expenses, unforeseen expenses or reserve fund. The average income is around R$ 15 thousand.

Lodges oriented to seniors are up in Brazil now. These people have guaranteed monthly income and few expenses, week with free days and willingness to travel and enjoy life. In addition, the Brazilian population is getting older.

Choosing the location can define business success
Paraty is a city with an event calendar that spans the entire year, which increases the occupancy of hotels and helps to balance the accounts between high and low season. According to a Brazilian expert, the choice of location makes all the difference to the success of the business. “Tourists do not travel to stay. They stay somewhere depending on the trip, so the more attractive the place has, the better.”

As seasonality is a factor that affects the finances of this type of business, it is important that the site receives tourists also out of season. “Look for destinations where the traveler stay time is greater, which has events calendar, tourist infrastructure with tours, restaurants and hospitals.

The ideal place is also the one who awakens the desire to return. It is also interesting that the tourist does not exhaust the site on the first trip, he has to want to come back to learn more.

Pousadas for sale in Brazil.

Liking people is key
Investing in a niche, differentiated services, partnerships, exchanges and sponsorships are ways to increase occupancy during the year. Besides making a marketing, the entrepreneur has to like to receive people and being present in the business.

Defining the customer segment being served is key to business success. Lodges oriented to seniors are up in Brazil now. These people have guaranteed monthly income and few expenses, week with free days and willingness to travel and enjoy life. In addition, the Brazilian population is getting older.

Training employees
Finding good people is the main difficulty of the owners of inns in Brazil, but despite the high staff turnover in the segment, it is important to invest in this area. The problem is not only technical training, but education. The employee has to learn to behave, write and speak correctly, specially foreign languages and that in some regions of Brazil is quite hard.

Sources: http://www.sebrae.com.br/sites/PortalSebrae/ideias/Como-montar-uma-pousada#naveCapituloTopo

Porsche Design Group to launch luxury real estate project in Itajaí, south of Brazil

Porsche real estate project in Brazil.The Porsche Design Group and Carelli construction company, specializing in the luxury real estate market, announced in Sao Paulo their new project and it will be in Santa Catarina. The pre launch of Porsche Design Towers Brava, which will be built in Praia Brava in Itajai, will be the first project of the brand in real estate in Latin America. The event in Sao Paulo attended by over 300 guests who closely knew the details of the project. There will be four themed towers with 740 apartments of about 120-400 square meters. Among the covers, there will be an exclusive 800 m2 of private area. It will be a luxury.

There will also be a series of exclusive services such as Skybar, rooftop restaurant, art galleries, open-air cinema, cafes, beauty centers, gyms, business centers, a ballroom, among others.

The project will also include tennis and paddle tennis, bike paths, lakes and pools. The launch is expected for 2022.

Cristiano Ronaldo denounces company that related him to slum property purchase

Cristiano Ronaldo, favela property.The striker Cristiano Ronaldo will sue consulting firm Proto Group, which had released information that he had bought a favela in Brazil. A Portuguese spokesman issued a statement on the subject, according to the TV channel “Sky Sports” and denied that the attacker has paid about two million euros (equivalent to R$ 8.2 million) for a whole community in the north of Rio de Janeiro. The idea, according to the publication would be to help residents get rid of rent. But the striker has strenuously denied the story.

“After the issuance of a press release about the false information with the name of Cristiano Ronaldo, the player decided to file a lawsuit against the misuse of his name. This time the lie is an acquisition of land in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In the past, the same source had invented buying an apartment in New York, participating in a Martin Scorsese film and recently investing in a hotel in Monte Carlo,” the statement said.

Cristiano Ronaldo claimed that the Proto Group tries to promote at the expense of his image. The company works in the field of “finance, insurance and real estate sector.

“The name and Cristiano image have been used long ago by an entrepreneur known for inventing stories and spreading false information about figures and public organizations, which was reportedly sentenced to three years and 10 months in prison by an Italian court of law. The news about the personal and professional life of Cristiano Ronaldo should leave only from official sources and informed communications media, so the media should stop echoing information with sole purpose to fool own public opinion for their own benefit” the statement said.