Carnaval: The mud block in Paraty

The Bloco da Lama (Mud Block) left the streets of Centro, Pontal and Jabaquara districts in Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, with its performance that refers to the beginnings of our origins, bringing special effects and flags along the as a reference of the tribes of mud.

The Carnaval Mud Block in Paraty

Approximately 3000 people between spectators and participants enjoyed the block in 2013 and even more this year, which was covered in the local and foreign press, from countries such as France, China and even Israel.

In Paraty, the most southern town of the state of Rio de Janeiro, with historic architecture of the eighteenth century, an almost prehistoric block formed by beings, leaves the cobblestone streets and opens the carnival, ensuring four days of revelry and joy. Bloco da Lama began in 1986 when two friends, a few days before the carnival, were capturing crabs by hand in the mangrove 2km from center of town.

The Carnaval Mud Block in Paraty

Watch all the action, on this video from Terra.

In the mangroves there is a lot of insects, including mosquitoes, gnats and horseflies. To protect themselves from bites, the boys put mud all over the body. At a certain moment they looked at each other and realized that they were unrecognizable. So they combined, the would invite some friends over, and on Saturday the carnival would go through the streets of the historic center covered in mud and natural ornaments. The success was complete: the local people were surprised and even frightened tourists, wanted to get close to those beings with prehistoric features. The following year a larger group gathered, forming a block representing a prehistoric tribe. The goal was to scare the evil fluids so that Carnival could happen in high spirits.


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