Sue Lasnar chosen as samba school muse for 2016 Carnaval

1rocinha-destaque-forca.jpegThe Academic Rocinha samba school confirmed another beauty in their team for Carnival 2016. The samba school announced that Sue Lasmar, better known social networks as Diva Fitness, she will be leading a float in their parade. She will represent the gallows in allegory. About fantasy, Sue is not afraid to parade scantily clad.
– It will not bother me if the costume is small. The carnival can. Already part of the issue – said the muse of the fitness world.

This is the second name of beauty confirmed by Rocinha for your next carnival. The school promises to take the most beautiful woman to the Marques de Sapucai in 2016.
Rocinha will open the shows of Serie A on Shrove Friday in 2016. The college will take the theme “New Rome is Brazil, Brazil Rocinha”. The theme proposes an approach to cultural and ethnic formation of the Brazilian people. Katiely a descendant of Indians will parade in the industry dedicated to the first inhabitants of Brazil.

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