Amazing movie scenes from a robbery in Guaruja, Sao Paulo

receita_federal_robbery_video2 A gang made a group robbery in a popular mall in Guaruja, on the coast of Sao Paulo, yesterday morning. The group was divided – a part fled on foot and the rest on a boat with a hostage.

When they came out of the boat, thieves met with federal police officers, who were in another boat. There was exchange of fire at sea, recorded by a camera installed in the police boat. Two members of the gang were arrested as soon as the vessel docked. The hostage was released and no one was injured.

Images recorded by a camera installed on a Receita Federal (Internal Revenue) vessel recorded the gang fleeing boat shortly after the group commited a robbery on the morning of Monday (19). When they noticed they were being followed by the vessel, one of the men gets up and performs shooting at the camera.

The group, which consisted of approximately five people, had just performed thefts in several shops close to the passenger terminal, in the crossing between Santos and Guaruja, in São Paulo.


After fleeing the scene, the gang stopped the boat crewed near the Avenida General San Martin, in Ponta da Praia neighborhood and jumped over the wall.

The Military Police Eagle helicopter assisted during the searches. The group managed to escape on foot, and two men were captured by military police officers who were close to the site. The case is being investigated in the 3rd Police District of the city. No one was injured.

Watch the Federal Police video below.

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