Brazilian girl beheaded over Whatsapp jealous rage

Brazilian beheaded over Whatsapp jealous rage As 20 year old Brazilian girl was killed with a knife and then beheaded by her boyfriend early on Thursday after a jealous rage attack. According to the Brazilian Police, her boyfriend saw his girlfriend exchanging messages on WhatsApp with another boy at a party and was furious. The case occurred in Argelim, in the arid zone of Pernambuco state, on the Northeast of Brazil.
Patricia was beheaded in the arid zone of Brazil.

According to a Brazilian newspaper, after the party, the two went to the house where they lived together and Renato killed the young woman in the yard.

According to the police, Renato fled on a motorcycle, but before that went with his parents and confessed that he had committed the crime, were the ones who found the girl’s body and called the police.

Renato is still at large and according to the police must be in Alagoas, a nearby state. According to the delegate, Renato had already given signs of abusive behavior with Patricia, especially in cases of jealousy.

Whatsapp became a sensation in Brazil because texting and even internet are very expensive using mobile networks. Whatsapp came in as a way to text for free, something that Brazilians love to do.

Info from O Dia.

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