Foreign workers divide the public opinion in Brazil

A research conducted by the brazilian institute Ibope Intelligence in partnership with the Worldwide Independent Network of Market Research (WIN) shows that 42% of Brazilians believe that the entry of foreigners in the domestic labor market is beneficial for the country and 40% think the opposite. “The hiring of foreigners by local companies divided public opinion,” the institute said in a press release.

The survey was performed between days 8 and 12 December last year, with 52,913 respondents in 58 countries and in Brazil have been consulted 2002 people.

According to Ibope, the overall average foreign workers are viewed favorably: 38% of respondents feel bad to their arrival in their countries, 35% believe it is good and 23% say it is not good or bad. For the institute, the entry of foreigners into the labor market is seen as both qualification of local labor and as competition for jobs.

The research also reveals that only 13% of Brazilians have high or moderate ability to read or understand English.

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Joe Cloud
Dutch, American, Brazilian... lived there for 5 years and owns property in Brazil. Out of the country for a few years now and would like to go back, however current circumstances tell me it's not the right time.