Brazilian kid goes viral with a skateboarding trick in a fairy costume

The little fairy skateboard performs the famous heelflip.The little Rayssa Leal of only seven years old, went viral on the Internet, following the release of a video in which she performs a heelflip dressed as a fairy, and she keeps earning admirers. After being shared by Tony Hawk, the legendary skateboarder, and several other skaters, now it was the turn of the little fairy skateboarder to meet Bob Burnquist, and Sandro Dias, two famous brazilian skateboarders.

It was at a staircase in downtown Imperatriz, about 626 km from São Luis, that the video was recorded on Monday of September 7th, Brazilian Independence Day weekend. Twice Rayssa tried to complete the trick and only at the third attempt she made it, and is applauded by colleagues.

Shy and quiet, the athlete told the news the about the fairy outfit. ” I went to the parade on September 7.” “I did not expect the repercussion,” he says about the impact of video on social networks.

She started to skate for about a year and a half. “I started with the help of my friends. I have plenty of friends who like skateboarding,” he says.

Although little time in the practice of sport, Rayssa has won some titles in competitions in Maranhao – Imperatriz and in the neighboring municipality Açailândia – and in Blumenau (SC), in which took first place in the Brazilian Championship Skateboard Streetstyle at the Mirim category.

For her mother, Lilia Leal, it was also a surprise the amount of video views. “It was completely by accident. We recorded it with a phone.”

This is the little skateboarding fairy Instagram account.

The trick was features on Mashable, Quartz and several other websites online after being shared by Tony Hawk.

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