Brazilian soccer stadium now hosts e-sport competition

The opening ceremony of the Brazilian circuit of League of Legends.

Last Saturday afternoon was busy at the Maracanãzinho (Little Maracanã), right next to the main stadium of the Brazilian soccer, the Maracanã in Rio de Janeiro. But this time it was not football or soccer the main attraction, but another sport, the e-sport. The Brazilian Regional Final of “League of Legends”, is the biggest e-sport event ever held in Brazil, and organized by Riot Games, responsible for the “League of Legends” MMO game. The competition open to the public, had the 8000 tickets sold out in just five hours showing the popularity of the game in the country.

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The final was equilateral with the KaBuM team winning the CNB team after nearly 5 hours of gameplay. But the game itself was just one of the attractions for the public who braved the cold and the rain this last July Saturday in Rio and spent almost all day inside the stadium. The passion for the characters and the professional video game players demonstrates the fascination caused on young people and the structure assembled by Riot Games, the producer of the game, captivates them.

Kabum, the winning Brazilian team will now face the winner of the rest of Latin America, the Uruguayan team PEX for a place at the World Championships. Some Brazilian companies have been investing in the rise of the eSport , arguably also growing in Brazil, by supporting this gaming community. Proof of that is that the Brazilian Circuit of League of Legends had as partners NVIDIA, BenQ and Logitech.

The video above shows the crowd reaction when Kabum won the contest.

But the rise of Brazilian gamers in the world scenario is nothing new. In fact, Brazilians are very well known in several other games and seem to be not so welcome in global matches. Foreign gamers report that Brazilians ruin any game online either with cheats or bad behaviors such as lack of education and trolling. This “toxic” behavior is described by players of MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online Gaming) as typically Brazilian, although not restricted to Brazilians. Because of that fame, a lot of Brazilians need to change their personal information to other nationalities, to get away from the image that the Brazilians built in games like Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, DotA, LOL, Minecraft, Ragnarok, UO, Combat Arms, Counter Strike, etc. … Brazilians are known as the Hue gang, because of the way they laugh in letters: huehauheuahuaehuaheuaheuaehuae…

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