Hugh Hefner comes to Rio and elects the new Devassa Girl

These are the foreigners that have confirmed their presence to the Rio Carnival this year.

Hugh Hefner, founder and owner of Playboy Magazine

The candidates to be the Devassa Girl

Hugh Hefner, the founder and owner of the Playboy magazine will come for the first time to Brazil and enjoy the Carnival in Space Devassa, at the Marquis de Sapucaí, in Rio de Janeiro. Hefner will still have the task of electing the new “Devassa Girl”.

Camila Macedo, Sunessis Brito, Julia Dykstra and Juliana Salles will be part of a parade on a catwalk in the cabin at the carnival in Rio.
The elected will be the new poster girl for Devassa beer.

Devassa(means Naughty) is a new brazilian beer and a brand of the Schincariol group.

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Joe Cloud
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