Rod Stewart checks out typical brazilian periguete at the beach in Rio

Rod Stewart checks out girls body on Rio's beaches.The model and businesswoman Liziane Gutierrez, photographed on Sunday with Rod Stewart in Sao Conrado Beach, in Rio’s South Zone, explained that she gave her phone number to the singer because his security asked.

“I would like him to call me, but to keep the friendship, for inviting me to shows. He is married and I am too,” she said, who intends to get her marriage back after the pictures of Rod Steward checking her out showed up online. “I like my husband. I didnt take those pictures to be with someone else.”

The 29 years old woman said that the conversation with the international star was quick and passed her phone to him after Rod Stewart made a compliment to her body.

Controversial history



Liziane lives in the US and already has a history of confusion with famous people. Two weeks ago, the model appeared at TMZ after being prohibited from entering rapper Jason Derulo’s van. Her whole reaction was filmed and the video displayed on the Internet. Liziane claimed to have been hired to accompany the rapper in two festivals in the city where he lives in Los Angeles.












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