New Year revellers leave behind a lot of garbage on beaches from North to South of Brazil

New year thrash in Itapirubá.Every year is the same thing. From north to south of Brazil, the beaches are taken by the crowds that accumulate to watch the fireworks and celebrate the turn of the year. The merrymakers hordes enjoy the night and even the first day of the year on the sand and leave behind, their trash. A lot of trash.

In Santos, four hundred and forty employees of a company responsible for garbage collection removed in the 3 hours until 11:30 on Friday (January 1, 2016), 142 tons of debris, on the sand strip that goes from the Emissário Submarino, to Canal 7.

Bottles, flowers, pets and cans were among the objects removed by the operation, which involved tax, machine operators, drivers, street sweepers and 34 vehicles.

In Copacabana, the main Reveillon (New Year party) of Brazil, after a morning of work, the Municipal Urban Cleaning Company (Comlurb) collected 694.2 tons of garbage in all party points after the New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro. Just in Copacabana, where about two million people celebrated the main party of the city, 363.5 tons have been removed.

Trash on the beach in Copacabana

From 6 o’clock this Friday (1st), 3,358 street sweepers (1,165 of them just in Copacabana) and 344 cleaning professionals working in cleaning the city. Despite the 1,455 containers installed, there was a lot of work for the collection of bottles, containers and other items.

In Iracema, Fortaleza, the same story was repeated. 80 tons of waste were collected. And so it was also in the South of the country. In Tramandaí Beach, north coast of Canoas, in Rio Grande do Sul, the surfing association took photos of the mess left by visitors.

Bottles left behind on Tramandaí beach in Brazil.

The trash wasn’t only at the beach. At a recent event of the first working week of the Museum of Tomorrow, in the Port Zone of Rio, Praça Mauá dawned full of garbage. An image that has been shared by more than 20,000 people on social networks shows the location with a dirty lawn. The picture caused furor between Brazilians and people all over the world that made the obvious remarks about the health and education of the brazilian people.

The Museu do Amanha was proposed to have Brazil think of its tomorrow, but a good tomorrow is really far away for its people.

Museu do Amanha at Praça Maua in Rio full of thrash after its opening event.
Museu do Amanha at Praça Maua in Rio full of thrash after its opening event.


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