Muri Rodrigues, the flat belly muse

Muri Rodrigues, Instagram account Muri Rodrigues, known as the flat belly muse, showed that the nickname has everything to do with the body she bears. She posts photos on Instagram and, using small shorts and a top, displays her strong legs and well defined abdomen. In the comments, fans rave. “Beautiful,” said one. “That body, huh?” said another.

Without any problem in displaying her curves, Muri is the delight of the fans with photos scantily clad. Recently, in addition to displaying the perfect silhouette, she left a motivational message. “Hold on, if it was easy, anyone could do it,” she wrote.

Muri Rodrigues won the nickame Musa da Barriga Chapada(or Plateau Belly Muse) and plans to keep it even in the winter, when it gets more difficult to maintain the diet. Muri hint that to not get fat in the coldest season of the year, it is important not to increase the amount of food eaten.

Muri, which is sponsored by the brand MuscleMeds usually use supplements together with the regular meals. “But in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day I end up using as a meal replacement” – which can not be done, of course, without medical supervision.

Follow Muri Rodrigues on Instagram on @murirodriguesfit, her Twitter handle is @murirodrigues_ and her Facebook 

Muri Rodrigues, the flat belly muse

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