Rita Mattos, better known as Gari Gata or Pretty Street Cleaner launches her Playboy magazine

Pretty street sweeper Playboy launch party.Muse of the September issue of the brazilian Playboy magazine, Rita Mattos, better known as Gari Gata or Pretty Street Cleaner, arrived in the early hours of Saturday (19) in an imported car to the launch of the publication in Rio, which took place at the nightclub Zax Club (Barra da Tijuca, west of Rio). Rita made fun of her current phase and said she currently even has a “sponsored lunch box.”

– Now I have a fitness lunch box. Today, even my lunchbox is sponsored, they send me frozen and I just have to heat it and eat.”

In addition to the balanced diet, Rita does not neglect the exercises.

– I’m firm in the gym now and taking supplements, a brand sponsors me and even let me give discounts to friends

After winning fans on social networks, the street sweeper posed nude for a men’s magazine with beautiful Rio de Janeiro as the backdrop. Rita reconcile her work with her new agenda.

– I’m reconciling all this new work with my regular job. I work on holidays and do more shifts to make up for it. Last Thursday, I was sweeping the streest and today I’m here.

Rita said the money earned for being on the cover of Playboy was not enough to put a downpayment in a house, but it remains her dream.

– My dream is to win my long awaited home and give a better life to my parents. The prize I put in savings, but it was not enough for a house, but I still dream of conquering it.

Pretty street sweeper in uniform.
Rita Mattos, who got famous as the “Hot Street Sweeper of Rio”

The Gari Gata surprised everyone getting off the vehicle using a transparent dress with crystal graphics mirrored in conjunction with Swarowisky crystals valued at R$ 6,000.

With info from R7.

A picture of Rita Mattos at Playboy.

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