Brazil Nuts benefits: great source of selenium, good for natural testosterone

An open brazil nuts wooden pod.Brazil nuts (Bertholletia excelsa), come from a giant tree of the Amazon rain forest of Brazil that belong to the lecythis family (Lecythidaceae) and is closely related to a group of South American nut trees known as monkey pots. The woody, thick-walled seed capsules are about the size of a large grapefruit and weigh up to five pounds. The seed capsule in the picture below has been cut open to expose the woody, wedge-shaped seeds.

The large seeds of Brazil nut have a thick, woody seed coat and according to Wayne’s Word website, for centuries, scientists were puzzled because Brazil nut trees do not produce nuts in cultivation or in recently cleared rain forest. This is one of the few economically important plants that are exclusively harvested in their natural rain forest habitat. It turns out that Brazil nut flowers require a certain species of bee for pollination. The bees in turn require a certain species of orchid to survive. Male bees must acquire the fragrance of this particular orchid in order to attract female bees. If the forest is damaged by clearcutting, the orchids disappear, along with the bees and the Brazil nuts. Brazil nut trees are sensitive to deforestation, and only seem to produce fruit in undisturbed forest.  They depend on agoutis for seed dispersal, bees for pollination and other plants in the rainforest for their continued survival. If these other species disappear, so will the Brazil nut tree.

Brazil nuts offer many nutrients and health benefits, but are dense in calories and fat.

One ounce of Brazil nuts contains 185 calories, 4 grams of protein and 3 grams of carbohydrates. Brazil nuts provide 2 grams of fiber per 1 ounce serving, which is 8 percent of the recommended daily allowance, or RDA, as per U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines based on a 2,000 calorie per day diet. They provide 5 percent of the RDA for calcium and 4 percent for iron.

Most of the fat found in Brazil nuts is the healthy unsaturated varieties which — when used in lieu of saturated fat – can help to promote heart health, says the American Heart Association.

Pictured a few Brazil Nuts.One important nutrient of Brazil Nuts is selenium, which is present in high amounts in the Brazil nuts. While Brazil nuts may help encourage hair growth, they should be consumed in small amounts to prevent harmful health effects from excess intake. Note that this does not mean Brazil nuts can reverse hair loss, such as that of male pattern baldness. They can, however, improve slow hair growth due to poor nutrition.

Brazil nuts are available raw (unshelled or shelled), roasted, and salted in the stores. They can also be found covered in chocolate and unsalted, or even just the Brazil Nut flour.

Brazil Nuts nicknames

Brazil nuts were once known by the epithet “nigger toes,” though the term fell out of favor as public use of the racial slur became increasingly unacceptable.

Brazil Nuts are also called “monkey pot”, apparently because inquisitive primates can get their hands stuck inside the woody pods when they reach inside fruits that have been partially gnawed open.

Brazil nuts filled with bio-active natural cholesterol are good for natural testosterone production.

Brazil nuts are filled with antioxidants known for protecting your sensitive testosterone molecules from oxidization. Brazil nuts are packed with the most bio-active form of Arginine. Which is a substance that will significantly increase your nitric oxide production, which means that your veins will dilate and relax allowing your blood to flow more freely.

Below is how to buy Brazil Nuts

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