Are these Brazilian models music any good?

Brazilian models and singersWe know that these Brazilian muses other than working on their bodies so they can be seen as models, also try different things to make money, and most often, a music career is among their tries. Valesca Popozuda in fact started in the music business as a dancer on some funk group. Mulher Melancia also started in the music business.

Would you say that the Brazilian body muses are also good at anything else? Let’s give it a try.

Mulher Melancia, or Watermelo Woman, also know by her real name, Andressa Soares, recently launched a video of the song “Eu quero d’a” , that stands for “I Want to give it to you”. You know what.

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Valesca popozuda, released the video of her new music work, “I am the diva you want to copy.” The queen of “Kissy On Shoulder”, a song that went viral internationally released behind the scenes of the clip.

In the colorful video, the blonde appears alongside William Leon, better known as the gorgeous subway security guard in Brazil.

The funkeira also revealed that, to record the clip, was inspired by the divas Beyonce and Nicki Minaj.

Valesca Popozuda – Beijinho no Ombro

And you, what do you think of their music?

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