How about buying mud from the 1985 Rock in Rio for 50 dollars?!

Rock in Rio 85 mud.Of all the items on display at the official Rock in Rio store, one stands out: a special pouch with a little bit of mud who graduated from the Rock City at the 1985 edition of the festival. The souvenir is sold for the paltry sum of R$ 185, or about 50 dollars.

Considered a collector’s item, the mud was removed from the work of the Athletes Village for the 2016 Olympic Games, on the ground that housed the first city of the Rock. There were found tennis pieces, bracelets and time of the first Rock in Rio clothes.

The seller Gabriela Amerth knows all about the mud, but has not yet sold any. But the festival is just beginning.

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Joe Cloud
Dutch, American, Brazilian... lived there for 5 years and owns property in Brazil. Out of the country for a few years now and would like to go back, however current circumstances tell me it's not the right time.