Jesus Luz, a brazilian model made famous by association(with Madonna)

Jesus Pinto da Luz is a Brazilian model who got the first modeling jobs in his hometown, Rio de Janeiro, like a fashion show at Fashion Rio 2007. In a photo shoot in which he appeared naked in December 2008, for W magazine, he met the singer Madonna, with whom he maintained a loving relationship. Thus, Jesus Luz was able to achieve greater projection and professional media, performing at major festivals as a DJ. For the American newspaper The New York Times, Jesus Luz has taken maximum advantage of the opportunities that arise.
However, this last occupation is questioned by renowned professionals who claim to have witnessed a farce in the presentations of Jesus, assuming that he does not use mixing techniques.
Jesus Luz has a contract with Ford Models agency. In 2009, he worked for Dolce & Gabbana fashion week in Milan and worked in the music video of Celebration.

On February 22, 2010, Jesus Luz signed with Record Entertainment to release his first album with music mixed by himself, to be distributed by Warner Music.
The singer Madonna exchanged kisses with the brazilian at a party that happened after the singer’s concert in São Paulo in 2008. Jesus is a “moreno” of 1.82 m tall, and blue eyes.

The impact of the subject was such that even the newspapers of the United States and United Kingdom talked about the new affair. According to the gossip column Page Six, of the New York Post, Madonna was “very interested in the boy.” The publication also said that she had invited him to accompany her in concerts in Sao Paulo.
Currently both seem not to be together anymore. He is constantly seen in Rio, and was recently spotted by gossip publications kissing a misterious blonde woman.

Pictures of Jesus Luz

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