Norwegian singer video: more Brazil than the official We Are One

The 17 yeard old Norwegian singer Adelén, managed to place the song “Olé” on the official CD of the 2014 World Cup and launched recently a video with more Brazilian flair than the official World Cup song “We are one” who was chosen by FIFA as the official anthem of the World Cup.

Adelen Social Media Campaign

Filled with Rio beaches and favelas, the video by the norwegian singer makes more references to Brazil than “We Are One” featuring Claudia Leitte, Jeniffer Lopez and Pit Bull.

Adelén uses electronic beats and goes around at brazilians landscapes on the video – which has nearly 200,000 views on YouTube. Adelén became known in Europe after participating in the “Eurovision” contest. Her most famous hit “Bombo” has over five million views.

“We Are One” on the other hand, released on Nov. 16, the video of the official song of World Cup 2014, “We Are One (Hello Ole Ola)” has not pleased the Brazilian Internet and received countless criticisms on social networks. Sharing the vocals with American singers Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez, Claudia sings only for 20 seconds and only shows up for about 40! To start off, Claudia Leitte is not even the best representative of the Brazilian music at all.

Watch Adelén’s video for Ole down here. You can follow Adelen on Twitter or Facebook.

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Joe Cloud
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