Advanced couple hot scenes in a restaurant in Rio

Couple hot scenes in Rio
Couple does not give a damn to the waiter in Sao Goncalo restaurant in Rio
A video of a couple exchanging “caliente” caresses in the middle of a restaurant took over the social networks this week. For almost two minutes, the couple starred in hot scenes and did not even stop to pay the bill to the waiter. Images were recorded in Caneco 90 in São Gonçalo, in images recorded three weeks ago.

In the images, the woman appears with her breasts exposed, over the man sitting in the chair, making movements similar to those of a sexual act. You can also hear the reaction of other consumers, suggesting that the couple go to a motel while they call her “bitch”. A waiter of the house asks for them to moderate.

According to information from Internet users,the man would be a physical education teacher at a university in the region, and the woman is his student. College students confirmed the story and a local newspaper indeed confirmed he was a teacher of the institution.

Two former students said that the act was not of sex but of “hot kisses”. According to them, after the video fell on the internet, the man was dismissed from the private university and the woman, who continued attending classes, would be “maligned” at the environment. “Everyone who passes glared at her and says:.. ‘Look the girl video’ This is very bad for a person”.

Just recently, another couple was caught on video in Rio, in a hot affair on the beaches of northern Rio de Janeiro.



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