Brazilian government agency leaks Amazons video game controllers

amazon video game controller

Images from a video game controller from Amazon leaked today, according to the website of Exame magazine. The product had been approved by Anatel(Brazilian FCC) in late 2013, but came to light this Friday, March 14. The product must be compatible with an entertainment center that Jeff Bezos company will probably announce soon. Some rumors pointed the month of March for the launch.

amazon video game controllers

According to the site, the largest button has in black and white, the GameCircle Amazon logo, a gaming platform available in the Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon. The news article at Exame, also says that at the central region there are three buttons with the same signals as smartphones and tablets with Android systems, detail that would reinforce the Amazon’s video game operating system will use Android.

The instructions also shows the device status lights on top of the control. It also specifies that energy must come from two AA batteries placed on the back of it. The connection to the media center would use Bluetooth, according to the manual.

Here’s the link to the original document with Amazon video game details, but apparently ANATEL has already removed the file.

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