Funk singer Tati Zaque on the Playboy cover

Tati Zaque sings Parara TibumAfter making success with the hit “Parara Tibum,” the MC Tati Zaqui has returned to the subject again. She will be in the Playboy magazine’s new issue cover, which hits newsstands in Brazil this week.

On Facebook, the singer celebrated the news. “Who would have thought, that the funk girl would be on the cover of Playboy. View her, my reality!” He wrote on her page on the social network.

Even on social networks, the most talked about topic of the weekend was the singer’s trial, which has fallen to the Internet. It was so successful that the singer page on Facebook grew by over 60% just in the last week.

Already in a statement to the press, the singer spoke about a dream: Justin Bieber see the essay. “If I had known that he received my ‘Playboy’ I would hope a lot to him to find interesting. I think that would reset my life!” She said.

Tati Zaque blue hair Brazilian Playboy magazine

She even commented on her body. “With the run of shows, you can not devote much time to such things! But I am happy with my body, I’ve always been,” said the singer, who was surprised by the outcome of the photos. “I was beyond even than I imagined.”

The new issue of “Playboy” will be launched on Tuesday (7) and Tati Zaqui is confident with the success.

Watch the hit Parara Tibum, live on Youtube below.

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