Work in Brazil now arouses the interest of 400.000 foreigners

The power of attraction among foreigners in Brazil went beyond the area of ​​fun and came to the labor market. For them, the country’s economic growth, the proximity of the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics and the pre-salt, associated with crises in Europe and the United States, have turned Brazil into a kind of port, if not safe, at least promising.

According to a survey of multinational online recruitment Monster over the past year, about 80,000 foreigners registered resumes at the site of the company interested in finding a job in Brazil. In total, 400 000 are on the lookout for opportunities here. Monster himself, created in 1997 in the United States, with operations in over 50 countries, has settled in Sao Paulo in 2010, due to the good economic times in Brazil.
But there are foreigners who didn’t even have to seek a job. The Dutch geophysicist Ruben Thomassen, 33, for example, was working in Paris for CGG Veritas, which conducts geophysical services in the oil and gas industry, when he was invited to come to Brazil. Despite being married to a Brazilian, he says that the financial and professional gains were crucial to pack:
– The proposal was very good. And in my case it was easier because there was no language barrier.
Here, he lives in an apartment of 110 square meters in Ipanema. And laughed when comparing with the meager 30 square meters of property in Paris. At work, ensures there is no animosity for being Brazilians abroad.
– I know other people who came to work in Brazil. There are people from Europe, Canada and Russia. In general, people with more experience – he says, that provides services to Petrobras by CGG Veritas.
Andreza confirms a change in the profile of these professionals: they are most qualified and stay longer in Brazil:
– Until recently, they came to fleeting experiences. Now, many bring the family, have an interest in culture, they enroll their children in school.”
The distribution of CVs registered on Monster reveals that they are derived mostly from the United States and Europe. In November last year, the distribution by nationality, Americans accounted for 33.3% of the curriculum, followed by French (14.4%), Italians (8.3%) and Spain (8.2%).
– We are convinced that foreign demand is associated with the crisis – Andreza said, adding that more vacancies are played by these professionals in the oil and gas, engineering and information technology.
Like Ruben, French Florine, 25, came to occupy a place in the branch of a French company in Rio, which operates in the oil and gas. I had never set foot here before.
– Brazil still has the image of the country of carnival, samba and violence, but that is changing, especially because of the economy and events such as the World Cup and the Olympics – says geophysics, who asked to omit the name.

Copied from O Globo Newspaper

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Joe Cloud
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