Love at the Olympic Games… what could happen at Rio 2016

Usain Bolt and the swedish athletes.Put together 23,000 young people at the peak of their physical force, in a village. Give them shelter, food, clean clothes, a planetary event and 150 000 condoms. The result? Well, the result basically is sex, sex and more sex. And also some medals. This is taboo on which most Olympic prefer silence.

The beautiful goalkeeper of the US women’s soccer team, Hope Solo, told in an interview: “It has a lot of sex going on,” she said. “In an experiment like this, that happen once in your life, you want to collect memories, whether sexual, parties or sports. I saw people having sex outdoors. On the lawn between buildings where it was. ”

The British tabloid Daily Mail published a testimony of an athlete about the adventures in the London village. Okay. It’s anonymous. But it’s at least entertaining. And the guy is a bit knowledgeable, kind of fly on the wall. According to the newspaper, it is one of the stars of the British team, who would have preferred, understandably, to protect his identity. Whoever it is, is not the most discreet guy in Europe. “When we are competing, we are very well behaved. But so ends our participation, we need to relax. In the village, we find teams from different countries. Earlier, we exchanged pins and shields. As the tests proceed, you get to visit the dormitories of others, exchanging details Facebook or Twitter, phone numbers. It all begins. ”

According to him, the second week is when things heat up. He went out with a friend and two Ukrainian athletes, who wanted to know the London night. They went to Mahi bar and flew cocktails. He kissed one of the girls and the party continued in the bedroom – which, in theory, is prohibited, but the security guards turn a blind eye, especially if they are awarded kits and gifts.

The two colleagues smuggled alcohol into the accommodation: Absolut vodka blueberry flavor and a bottle of Disaronno, the best-selling Italian liqueur in the world. “My friend took one of the girls to the room, as I kissed the other in the room. She had an amazing body, obviously, and wore only a tiny top and panties. She was naked and asked me to arrange a condom and have sex with her. Five minutes later, the Ukrainian left the room wearing only shirt and panties. Before I knew it, the two were kissing the ground. I don’t need to go into details. Let’s just say I was having fun – and they were also “.

To sum up, following the four athletes were having sex together. According to the narrator, scenes like this are very common due to the large number of single – routine training is too hard for any stable relationship. For most athletes, married or not, the Las Vegas motto is what matters: “What happens in competitions is the competition.”

An empty bed at the Olympic Village

“The most arrogant talk that they could have a different woman every night of the Games. And it’s true. At the reception of Usain Bolt in the Movida club, the loudmouth said that he took a pass from two American medalists. “They invited us to their room, but we refuse. We were with the Ukrainian and we think it’s unkind to change country.” Buck said the American team is more ready for action, followed by the girls from Eastern Europe.
“You can not be weaned to pick up girls. I’m not the nicest guy on the block, not the ugliest, but they seem to like my accent. I always found the doors open.” Apparently,  because they are always in swimsuits, swimmers are preferred by women.

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