Brasil, país de todos?!

A book signing that the Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez would do at a Bookstore in Sao Paulo was canceled this week due to the turmoil caused by protesters opposed to her. The Cuban blogger tried to answer questions from an audience of about 300 people at the site for 30 minutes, but her speech was interrupted several times by dozens of people shouting phrases like “Fuck off imperialist blogger, Latin America will be all communist” “Mercenary” and “Employee of the CIA.”

The denouncement published by the magazine “Veja” that the Cuban ambassador in Brazil, Carlos Zamora Rodríguez, sponsored a meeting in Brasilia to fuel radical groups with “information” against the blogger was a sign that the Cuban dissident trip to Brazil would not be quiet. To make the fact even more severe, the meeting was attended by representatives of political parties and groups like PT, PCdoB, CUT, etc…

It’s impossible not to establish a relation between the meeting between politicians in Brasilia and the loud and violent demonstrations made by groups around Brazil when the blogger arrived. These groups were probably paid by the political parties to attend these protests. It is known that political parties in Brazil have a lot of money available for their interests.

On Twitter, she was one of the most talked about topics of the week. Among the many pictures and memes, an image of Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez at the center of a hundred-dollar bill with the inscription: “Todo por dinero”(All for money).

While more than 300 people attended protests against the blogger in various parts of Brazil, only 100 had attended a protest against politician Renan Calheiros in Sao Paulo this last Sunday. Renan is a Brazilian senator, investigated for various corruption crimes in Brazil.


The logo above is a logo by the government that says Brasil, a country of everyone… The word “Todos” sometimes is replaced by the word “Tolos”, which means “fools”. It seems that “Brazil, a country of fools” would be more appropriate.

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Joe Cloud
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