Clodovil’s seafront mansion in Ubatuba is for sale

The open air bathroom.The designer mansion built by former Congressman and brazilian tv personality Clodovil Hernandes in Ubatuba, Sao Paulo, went on sale.

Built in the 1980s at about 30 km from the city center, in an area of ​​environmental preservation, the house was the official residence of the designer until his death in March 2009 – Clodovil also kept a rented apartment in Moema, at the Sao Paulo capital.

The property has the style of an Italian villa and occupies three lots, of about 3,200 square meters. The mansion has nine bedrooms, swimming pool, sauna, lake and a chapel.

According to the lawyer of Clodovil’s estate, the sale was determined by a judge and the value should be added to his estate – which has about R$ 3.7 million and still some debts to pay, as part of a compensation to the former mayor of São Paulo, Marta Suplicy (PT), who sued him for libel and defamation in 2004.

The mansion has a chapel.


The bedroom is surround by natural stones.


The value of the mansion has not been defined, but the lawyer says she has been contacted by four interested investors already.

The Ubatuba area on the north shore of the state of Sao Paulo.

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