Seaside properties in Buzios at risk of collapsing

There are already four mansions at risk of collapsing at any moment in a luxury condo in Armacao dos Buzios. Buzios is a famous resort town in the Lakes Region at the Northeast of the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Picture Ronaldo Pantoja, O Globo.

One of these seaside mansions belongs to the brazilian actress Alexia Dechamps, according to the local newspaper Peru Molhado.

Measurement taken by officials of the Civil Defense and geologists found that the dilation now exceeds one meter. A study is being done to know how the demolition of the houses will be done, and the property may crumble by themselves. The forecast is for rain in the region.

The houses are at the Vale das Emas Condo, located on a hill at the Armacao Beach, where properties are valued at US$ 3 million on average. The Civil Defence urged people to avoid passing by the area, going around the block.

Ten establishments which are in the lower part of the slope were also banned. The dealers were notified and have already removed all the belongings. At the Baia Bonita Inn, according to management, the daily loss is nearly R$ 6000. All Orla Bardot is at the moment closed for cars.

The mansions already show cracks on the floor, ceiling and walls.

Machinery contracted by property owners have arrived to start the demolition. The state prosecutor is following the case to investigate those responsible.

But this time of year sees a lot of rain in Rio de Janeiro. It’s a risk buying property at any hill in the rain forest area of Brazil as this is bound to happen to anybody.


Source: O Globo, O Dia, and O Peru Molhado.

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Joe Cloud
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