Solange Knowles chooses Trancoso for her honeymoon in Brazil

After a stressful end to her previous wedding Solange, Beyonces sister and her new husband Alan Ferguson have been celebrating their love on their honeymoon in Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil!

Beyoncé’s sister shared lots of gorgeous pics on Solange Knowles Instagram, with sweet captions like: “Thank you Trancoso for being the most magical lil place to “honey our moon”…. Brazil could not have been kinder to us and our love…”

A colorful series of honeymoon photos Solange and new husband Alan Ferguson shot while on the beach in Trancoso, a former fishing village in the Brazilian state of Bahia were published.

Trancoso was, and still is, a popular real estate hotspot in Brazil for foreigners.


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Joe Cloud
Dutch, American, Brazilian... lived there for 5 years and owns property in Brazil. Out of the country for a few years now and would like to go back, however current circumstances tell me it's not the right time.