Who the heck pays One Million Reais a month to rent a plot of land?!

Olympic Games Rio HeadquartersThe EOM, Municipal Olympic Company, a company created by the City Hall of Rio de Janeiro to organize the Olympic Games does. They owe at least R$ 48 million to the pension fund of the servers in Rio de Janeiro, the Funprevi. The municipal company, responsible for monitoring the municipality’s projects for the Olympics, has not paid the rent of R$ 960,000 monthly for two adjacent lots owned by the fund, and occupied by them and by the Organizing Committee of Rio 2016 Olympics.

The lots are on a prime area of the central region of Rio (if that exists), in front of a subway station and next to the City Hall itself. They were rented in 2012 from Funprevi so that the EOM and the Rio 2016 Committee could build there the headquarters of the two most active bodies in the preparation of Rio for the Games.

Under the agreement, the municipal company promised to pay the R$ 960,000 a month to Funprevi to use the land for six years, ie until 2018. Then, the EOM also granted the Rio 2016 Committee the right to occupy these same lands from as long as they gave EOM equipment and some rooms of its headquarters to the town hall organ.

Everything seemed settled: the Rio-2016 built in 2013 a modern building at the Funprevi lots and the EOM began to operate within the committee with part of their expenses footed directly by the private body. It turns out that the pension fund of the servers never received anything from the renting their properties.

Confusing right? Let me try to clear it. An organ created by the Town Hall agreed to pay rent to a piece of land that belongs to the Town Hall (Or the Town Hall employees), so that the private Olympic comittee could build a property that would be used by both of them for only six years.

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Joe Cloud
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