Find yourself a spot on the beach in Rio!

Crowded beach in Ipanema beach.Rio de Janeiro in 2015 is alread living intense heat this summer. With maximum recorded temperature of 41,1ºC in Irajá, but heat sensation of 47° C, locals and tourists who came to Rio this New Year’s Eve sought refuge in the ocean.

It seemed even if only in the water was cool and quiet. The sands were completely full, and all access to the beaches. Even the most remote, as Prainha, Grumari and Abricó, which in December was made official a naturism spot in Rio de Janeiro.

It was there that topless muse Ana Paula Nogueira decided to go take out not only the top of her bikini, but all of it.

Many people who, decided due to the strong heat to go to the beach only in the late afternoon, when the sun had already cooled down a little, while others decided to go to the sea at night as the temperatures are still high.



Crowded Arpoador beach in Rio.

Ana Paula Nogueira at Abricó beach, Rio.
Ana Paula Nogueira, picture from Maíra Coelho / Agência O Dia.

Pictures from O Globo.

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Joe Cloud
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