Jennifer Lopez on the brazilian carnival 2012

The cabin(camarote) of the Brahma beer changed place in Sapucaí(the avenue where Samba schools parade in Carnaval in Rio), but by no means lost its luster. And as always, it promises to be one of the most lively and full of beautiful people of Rio Carnival 2012. To start, Jennifer Lopez is a guaranteed presence on site. According to the organization, unlike other years, the cabin will not have a muse, but the singer will represent the “Sapucar,” a term coined to describe the mood of the carnival.

The film’s director of advertising, Heitor Dhalia, said details of the recording with Jennifer Lopez in Los Angeles, and was full of praise for the diva. “She literally learned to samba in half an hour. I think she’s super excited to come to Rio,” he said. The commercials were made on 15 January, but the pictures of Jennifer dancing leaked to the press the next day.

The organization of the space, however, made secret to talk about a possible show of the singer on the spot. “It depends on the excitement of it,” said Peter Adamy, marketing manager of Brahma. The first advertisement with the artist will air on Thursday.

Jennifer Lopez’s commercial for Brahma recorded in Los Angeles

In the video, released in the first hand, the singer appears saying “What’s Sapucar?” (What’s Sapucar?) And then says: “My dream is Sapucar in Brazil” (My dream is Sapucar in Brazil). The commercial with Jennifer samba was guarded, and will be released in coming weeks. Just the making of images were transmitted.

Jennifer on national network
As anticipated columnist Leo Dias of the O Dia newspaper, Jennifer Lopez should arrive at the Rio Carnival on Saturday, February 18. Contracted for $ 2 million dollars, she should only give the breath of grace in the parade on Sunday.

The owner of the hit ‘On the Floor “won the fat cache of Brahma not only to wear the shirt of the box cabin (camarote), but also for starring in the brand’s marketing, which was recorded in Los Angeles. Most likely, Jennifer brings her new boyfriend in tow, Casper Smart, his choreographer just 24 years old (18 years less than the singer).

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