Protesting corruption with corruption (CBF FIFA t-shirt)

Protesting corruption with corruption in Brazil.One thing is certain. If the Conservatives of Brazil do further protests, they will no longer wear the shirt of the CBF (Brazilian Confederation of Football) and perhaps less green and yellow colors.

After the arrest in Europe of the president of CBF, Jose Maria Marin, the biggest shame was protesting against corruption with the shirt of the CBF, an organization mired up to their necks in corruption.

Protest with the shirt of the CBF is the same as protesting in favor of corruption.

Imagine how a honest and honorable a man must feel with the shirt of the CBF, when Swiss police arrested seven leaders of the International Football Federation (FIFA) in Zurich.

Among those arrested is the former president of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) Jose Maria Marin.

The officers were indicted for extortion and corruption by the attorney of New York, investigating the case. According to the Department of American Justice, 14 defendants, including the leaders of FIFA arrested are accused of extortion, fraud and money laundering in “a 24-year scheme of enrichment through corruption in football(soccer).”

A search warrant also runs the headquarters of the Football Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean (CONCACAF) in Miami, Florida. The detainees should be extradited to the United States.

The arrests take place two days before the new FIFA president election, scheduled for Friday (29). The current president Sepp Blatter is in charge of the organization since 1998. The revelation of the investigation may affect the re-election of Blatter. His main opponent in the race is the Prince of Jordan Ali Bin Al-Hussein, which promises to “clean up” the entity if elected.

Recent protests in Brazil. THE CBF t-shirt is always present,
Recent protests in Brazil. THE CBF t-shirt is always present,
The rich people protest in Brazil against PT.
Recent protests in Brazil. THE CBF t-shirt is always present,
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