Gabriel Medina grows in the surfing world

gabriel_medina_barrelGabriel Medina was born on December 22, 1993 in Maresias, Sao Paulo, and has open a big hole in the world of professional surfing. As a teenage surfer, Medina went from Brazilian hopeful to full-fledged world title contender in a matter of moments. In his first year on tour, Medina won two elite world tour events and earned “Next Big Thing” status from both the surfing press and Kelly Slater.

Medina joined the 2010/11 tour amidst its mid-year rotation. This change-out in the middle of the ASP schedule has been a bone of contention for anyone currently on tour (e.g. Bobby Martinez) who has had a few bad results, since it essentially trades out for new blood from the World Qualifying Series events. But the addition of Gabriel Medina at this crucial moment may be evidence that the new tour format works. The whole goal of the top-32 concept was to keep fresh blood pumping on tour throughout the year, and there is no fresher blood than of this teen age goofyfoot.

Gabriel Medina Pinto Ferreira was on born 22 December 1993 and is the 2014 WSL World Champion. Medina joined the world’s elite of the World Surf League Tour in 2011, and in his rookie year he finished within the top 12 of the ASP (now WSL) World Tour at the age of 17. In March 2014 he won the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast.

Gabriel Medina’s net worth: he is currently sponsored by the following brands Rip Curl, Guaraná Antarctica, Oi, Mitsubishi Motors, Samsung Galaxy, Oakley, Gorilla, FCS, Vult, Coppertone and Cabianca Surfboards.

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