Maresias on the Sao Paulo coast has its own World Cup after Medina’s surfing world title

gabrielmedina2_afp_1It looked like a World Cup. This is how the residents of Maresias in San Sebastian, northern coast of São Paulo, define the commemoration of the unprecedented title of Gabriel Medina world championship WTC surf in Hawaii. The city, where the surfer was born, lived a party mood this weekend and already expects greater flow of tourists to the summer season.

“It seemed like the end of the World Cup. They put a big screen in the square and all the bars were crowded to follow Medina. It was a party,” said a surfing teacher. The teacher came to teach for the surfer in the city and was thrilled with the world title.

“For us it was great. We know how hard it was for him. He was a boy like any other. Now is giving this example and fill our hearts with joy, “says Leite. According to him, after the visibility of Medina, even the demand for lessons and surf equipment in the shop he owns increased.

In Medina’s mother’s clothing store, which carries the name of the surfer, the movement was quiet on Saturday morning (20), but is expected to increase demand throughout the day. “Since he began to participate in the championships, the search for the store is increasing. It is something surreal, “said the property manager Suzana Galdino, 22.


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Joe Cloud
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