This brazilian guy has been living in a cave for 25 years

Brazilian cavemanFrom inside the hole that he dug and where he has lived for 25 years, Antonio Francisco Calado, 57, had a different day on Tuesday, October 27th. Accustomed to always staying alone, he was visited by the judge Everton Pereira Santos. The judge went to the “house”, built in a small and rugged country estate of Nova Roma, in the north of Goiás, to inspect the situation and position himself in regards to two death benefits processes from his parents and an injunction involving the man.

On numerous occasions, the housewife Raimunda Tereza Calado, 37, tried to take her brother out of the hole where he lives since 1990 but all of them were in vain. The conclusion reached by the woman is that it’s “impossible” to have him leave and it’s easier to try to create an infrastructure in the place for the man to live better.

“He’s happy there, he like that. I feel that if we do, it is possible that he will die soon and I respect that. What I want to do is give him a better condition of water, food and housing.” she told the G1 paper.

His situation prompted a visit from the Judge who was on the scene and weighed the situation to uphold an application for the pension for the death of the parents and injunction, made by her sister. Also helped in the decision an expert report that pointed out that Antonio has paranoid schizophrenia, mental illness that made him unable.

Brazilian caveman and the judge

As curator of Anthony, his sister will manage the two monthly minimum wages to which the man has the right now. In addition, she will have to justify the spending of the R$ 70,000, for the retroactive period. According to the judiciary, public prosecutors should monitor her expenditures. She says the idea is to built a shack on site, even if Antonio does not live it. Another idea is to provide treated water to her brother and foods with better quality so that he doesn’t depend only on just the small garden farming that he keeps.

This picture is almost an illustration.
This picture is almost an illustration.

The judge visit
The situation found at the scene left the judge Everton Pereira Santos intrigued. “Look, it’s a very peculiar situation, indescribable. At the same time he seems to have a lot of intelligence to use techniques in the construction of the hole and handle tools, he also demonstrates apparent delusions, saying he talks to thunder and lightning,” said the judge.

According to the magistrate, Antonio does not speak “making sense” and can not establish a clear and linear reasoning line. Nevertheless he shows glimpses, mostly related to construction, that make him believe in otherworldly.

“He created a system so that rain water does not enter the hole and he can use it later. It’s fantastic. Who taught him that? I have the impression that he has contact with another civilization. He is inspired by someone, it is very strange,” said the judge.

With information from G1.

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