Brazilian girl auctions her virginity online

A young native from Santa Catarina, Brazil, decided to enroll in an online contest to participate in a documentary and auction her virginity. The inscription was two years ago and the Australian producer Justin Sisely soon chose the girl, then 18, to audition for the video. Then she was chosen to participate in the project.

The filming of the documentary started about a month ago in Bali, Indonesia. The production is part of the project. The video will record the stories of the young Catarina(her name) and the preparations for the auction, until the day that their first night should occur. “They shoot my daily life, my new friends here, I speak with my mother, my reactions,” explains Catherine. The film has no release date yet.

The website ‘Virgins Wanted’, where bids are given, was published on September 15. Until 12:30 on Tuesday (25), ten bids had been given to buy the virginity of Catherine, who is a native of Itapema in northern Santa Catarina. The highest bid was made on September 25: US$ 155,000 (about £ 310,000).
The Russian Alexander Stepanov also participates in the program and his highest bid to buy his virginity was US$ 1000.

Catarina, which will receive all the money raised in the auction says that she has no idea what value it can get.
She says the family is on her side. “My mother is my best friend. She told me that it was going to be difficult, I had to be prepared for everything. But I know she loves me unconditionally and always gave me a lot of freedom to make my own decisions,” he says.
Catarina’s first relationship should happen about ten days later, on a plane trip from Australia to the United States. “This decision was made not to have trouble with the law of any country,” says the girl.


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Joe Cloud
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