Meet Marianne Ranieri, famous after a carnival malfunction

Marianne Ranieri, Miss Butt Portugal, received an unprecedented position to parade in Sao Paulo carnival. The model will be Drums Queen – a position created especially for her – the Academic Tatuapé samba school promises to ‘honor’ the title with samba in the foot and joy. “My dream was to go out as part of drums part, if i wasn’t, I would not go. So, I was invited to parade, and they created this position just for me,” she says proudly, during an exclusive test for EGO.

Brazilian model Marianne Ranieri, who is the current Miss Butt Portugal, suffered a wardrobe malfunction after her tiny knickers FELL OFF. The blond babe was left totally naked as the ‘device’ used to cover her most private parts – called ‘tapasexo’ in Portuguese, or ‘sex cover-up’ slipped to the floor. She was running late to dance for one of the samba schools in the Sao Paulo Carnival display competition and had to reattach the tiny garment in front of crowds of onlookers.


The preparation for the Samba Parade starts months in advance, as each samba school mobilizes thousands of supporters who will create the various parts of the school’s display.

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Joe Cloud
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