French tourist recovers iPhone stolen during the World Cup 2014

The stolen iPhone was sent to France by the police.Jade Thomassine, a french national, left Brazil with a negative image of the country, but her perception has changed a little over a year after the 2014 World Cup.

The story begins when the tourist came to Brazil for the soccer event and had her phone stolen during a visit to the Public Market of Porto Alegre, before the game between France and Honduras. The story ends only now and quite unexpectedly, when she recovered the device she tought she had lost forever.

The Porto Alegre Military Police brigade regained Jade’s iPhone in Brazil and identified the owner through the contact a friend who resides in the state capital. Then the police spoke to Jade via Facebook and sent the phone by mail – a R$ 70 freight for the city of Lille was paid by the Registrar Paulo Nunes, from the 2nd Police Department, responsible for making the search for the former owners of recovered devices.

On Facebook, the French lady posted photos of the recovered device and thanked the efforts of the Brazilian authorities. “A short story that delights my heart,” she said on the social network.

As the device is foreign-made, it was not possible to use the same techniques to identify the owner. For mobile phones sold in Brazil, its possible to trace the original owner through the IMEI, a sort of mobile chassis. Without this information, the police moved on that strategy.
The Registrar found in the iPhone notepad some phone numbers written down by the French girl. One of them was an acquaintance of Jade, with which the police got the first name of the woman. When crossing data, Nunes was able to identify.

Arranging the delivery to France was not easy. The clerk tried to contact her three times. At first, she did not respond to messages sent via Facebook. The next attempt, the young man said she did not believe it was the police.

With info from G1 and Cabresto

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