When is Carnival in Brazil 2018?

Brazil Carnaval 2018

Carnival in Brazil in2018 will take place on February 13th, the second Tuesday of the month of February. With this, the parades of the samba schools of São Paulo begin on Friday the 9th, and the Rio on Sunday the 11th. Pre-Carnival takes place on the 3rd and 4th of February, Saturday and Sunday.

See dates:

9/2 – Friday

10/2 – Saturday

11/2 – Sunday

12/2 – Monday

13/2 – Carnival Tuesday

14/2 – Ash Wednesday

SP samba school parades:

9/2 – Friday: Special group parade

10/2 – Saturday: Special Group Parade

11/2 – Sunday: Access group parade

12/2 – Monday: Access group parade

13/2 – Tuesday: Determination of the parades of the samba schools

16/2 – Friday: Parade of the champion schools of the SP carnival

Parades of the samba schools of Rio:

9/2 – Friday: A series parade

10/2 – Saturday: A series parade

11/2 – Sunday: Special group parade

12/2 – Monday: Special Group Parade

14/2 – Wednesday: Judging of the parades of the samba schools

17/2 – Saturday: Parade of the champions of the carnival of Rio

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