Only in Brazil would somebody crash their car a become a diva in the middle of the street

A car crash can bring out the diva in you in BrazilOnly in Brazil would a person crash a car and bring out her diva best moves in the middle of the street! A Brazilian diva doesn’t get into no accident, a brazilian diva dances samba at the face of traffic …

Brazilian truckers record risky tricks to show off online

A tv report aired some time ago in Brazil, shows videos of truck drivers performing dangerous tricks on brazilian roads. The filming is done purposely by other drivers who know the offenders.

brazilian trucks risky tricks

In the article below from tv show Fantástico, …

Wearing colored braces are a trend between poor Brazilian youngsters

They put the braces anyway and anywhere. In social networks, they even post how to put the colored slivers.

“I think braces became a symbol of ostentation. It helped get more girls,” says the salesman Douglas Silva.

The “famous”, as …

American Helena becomes a ‘meme’ on Twitter at the debut of brazilian soap opera ‘Em Família’

An American photographer from San Francisco who describes herself as “tall, pale and half Norwegian” was forced to add to her Twitter bio a warning: “I’m not the actress, star of Brazilian soap operas.”

American Helena became a ‘meme’ on …