Improvised ferries to improve transportation for the World Cup in Rio’s airport. But what happens after the event?

With less than two months before the opening of the World Cup, the state government of Rio de Janeiro is racing against time to ensure greater mobility to thousands of athletes and tourists who will come to Rio de Janeiro

The social media capital of the world never ceases to amaze: inmates in Brazil post to Facebook from inside the jail

Earlier in 2013, Forbes and Wall Street Journal featured Brazil’s fascination with social media, and showed the great adoption of the medium between brazilians. Brazilians are show offs by nature, so that wouldn’t surprise me.

barbecue inmates jail brazil

According to the articles, Brazil …

Glenn Greenwald, american reporter that revealed U.S. program to monitor the Internet lives in Rio

It was from Rio de Janeiro that the journalist Glenn Greenwald investigated the espionage case of the U.S. government that is the latest and biggest journalistic buzz in the technology sector, published on Monday 5th in the Guardian. Related …

“I cried ink for 2 days”, Brazilian artist tattoos his eyeballs

With 70% of his body tattooed, Rodrigo Fernando dos Santos, known in São Carlos (SP) as Musquito, decided to innovate. At 39, he decided to darken the whites of his eyes. The technique, called “eyeball tattoo”, consists of injecting ink …