Arnold Schwarzenegger in Brazil to promote the Arnold Classic Brazil 2015

Arnold Schwazneger RioArnold Schwarzenegger, 67 years old, is in Brazil to promote the Arnold Classic Brazil 2015, the largest national multi-sport event, and took advantage of his stay in Rio de Janeiro to know the Marvelous City. Neither the recent wave of robberies in Rio’s bike paths initimidate the Hollywood star, who biked the Barra da Tijuca boardwalk waterfront.

Showing a lot of sympathy, the Austrian (no, he is not american) gave smiles and waved to the fans, who stopped the traffic of Lucio Costa Avenue for a few minutes. At a news conference, he declared his love for Brazil.

“I always love to return to Brazil. In my first three days, I will dedicate myself totally to the Arnold Classic Brazil, and the following three days, the promotion of my latest film, The Terminator. Genesis,” Schwarzenegger said, referring If the film to be released in July.

After the bike ride, the actor and former governor of California was dining with his wife Maria Shriver at the mall Village Mall in Barra da Tijuca, causing much uproar among the people who were there. On site, Schwarzenegger drew a beautiful pocket of a cigar and smoked with your friends.

Arnold Schwaznegger biking in RIo de Janeiro


Arnold Schwaznegger smokes in Rio de Janeiro,


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