Brazilian male model Harry Louis a victim of homophobia in Brazil

Brazilian model Harry Louis Brazilian model Harry Louis, who was known to have date designer Marc Jacobs for more than two years, said to have been a target of homophobia when he went to a Starbucks store on International Airport Governor André Franco Montoro, in the city of Guarulhos / SP. Speaking to UOL by phone, he pointed out that he intends to sue Starbucks. “I felt humiliated, because there was a line of people watching the scene.”

According to the model, the confusion started because of a delay in the opening of the place, originally scheduled for 7 am, but delayed about 25 minutes. Harry traveled from Aracaju / SE accompanied by a friend, and were both waiting the connection to Rio de Janeiro. He was worried about losing the flight, Harry said to have gone to question the reason for the delay in opening the store.

Irritated, the clerk asked if he would like to stay with her apron. “I said no, it was not good on me, when she snapped harshly: ‘Become a man and then I won’t offer you my apron!” he said to UOL. He points out that, at any time, he lacked respect to the Starbucks clerk.

Sought by UOL, Starbucks said through a statement, noting that the company was very concerned to be aware of the experience reported by Harry Louis.

Below, a video Harry Louis posted in his Instagram account about the incident at Starbucks. To follow Harry Louis on Instagram,


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