Brazilian WWE muse Raquel knocks out fans on Instagram

Gabi Castrovinci, also known as WWE Raquel

WWE Brazilian muse knocks fans out with bold photos on Instagram everyday. Gabi Castrovinci is an Entrepreneur, a PRO Wrestler and the Owner of @Gabi.FitWear. Gabriela Castrovinci is also a brazilian fitness model who became famous after her participation in the sixth season of the WWE Tough Enough competition.

Gabi Castrovinci comes from the fitness universe and participated in numerous competitions. She eats a well balanced diet, but does not starve. She does not believe what the people say about not eating sweets. ” We are human beings, and we need to consume certain foods.” she said.

The fighter also detailed her six meals a day: “I eat breakfast, lunch at 12 a.m., when I train, I take a protein shake, I eat dinner at 6:00 p.m. and I make my last meal eating egg whites as well as breakfast”. Gabi also points out that her essential preparation happens at the gym and still reveals her workouts. “I work very hard five times a week, I work my leg, the next day my chest and my shoulder, the other triceps, the other day I have a bicep and back and I still do legs.”

Gabi Castrovinci on fitness clothes.

In 2016, Castrovinci was hired by Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) under the ring name Raquel. She was born and raised in Brazil where she practiced Jiu-Jitsu, worked for in Beauty Fitness & Fashion, and surfed.

Gabi Castrovinci, also known as WWE Raquel

Gabi Castrovinci is the first Brazilian to participate in the WWE and one of the main stars of the event. The beauty loves to share sensual images on her Instagram account and gets great engagement by her fans. Follow Gabi Castronvinci on her Instagram account.

Gabi Castrovinci is a true phenomenon of popularity in the wrestling world. The Brazilian model integrates the renowned team Bro Mans and conquered America with great talent and disposition.

Gabi Castrovinci on the beach.

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