Brazilian Youtubers: Romagaga Guidini burnt herself recording a video. 500,000 views and fans on Youtube.

Romagaga Guidini official pictureRomario Lima, 18, was born in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, and defines himself as transgender. The young man, who gives life to the character Romagaga Guidini became a web hit with his phrases, already on everyone’s lips. For example, “seal the a* of the enemy”, “I’m dead in tack”, “frozen in nitrogen,” “‘more crisper than flour”, “bathed in moisturizer,” among others.

Romagaga began making videos in 2010, as a joke between friends. Now the ‘joke’ reaches 270,000 views on YouTube with little time from publication.

“My first video was just dancing. My friends and I decided to publish recorded. At first it was a more danceable stage and now the character is more critical,” said Romario or Romagaga, who did not expect all this repercussion.

Fan of Lady Gaga, the young man is inspired by the singer to compose the character, thus living his alter ego. Despite the success on the web, Romario says he has suffered a lot of discrimination and the majority comes from the gay community. In addition, Gaga fan has sued the Onyx Club of Mossoro for physical abuse.

In the neighborhood, the neighbors are already accustomed to the screaming during the recording of your videos. “Sometimes think is fight, but do not complain,” he says.


All this visibility of the character opened doors for Romario, who get to travel with Romagaga to do shows. The first presentation will be at the club Victoria Haus in Brasilia, on February 8th, in charge of #Farra party, Neon issue. Romagaga promises to shake with a special set and says he will abuse the famous phrases.

The love Romagaga has for Preta Gil, is boundless. Romario, or Romagaga Guidini. While recording a clip in honor of the daughter of Gilberto Gil, he burned and cut the leg.

Fan club packs shopping mall

A recent appearance of Romagaga filled up the streets of FOrtaleza

The impact of video offset the accident. He had more than 500,000 hits and became famous Romagaga. The performer landed in Brasilia, where he presenteds a show of covers of his favorite divas: Ivete Sangalo, Anitta, Lady Gaga and of course his chief muse, Preta Gil. And Romagaga already has many fan clubs. To make an appointment with his admirers in a mall in Brasilia, he filled up the place. “I went with a costume inspired by Gaga, I love the passion.”

It was Lady Gaga’s music video, “Just Dance,” which turned Romario in Romagaga. When I was 15 and still lived with his parents in Beberibe, Ceará, he loved to imitate his muses.

You can follow Romagaga GUidini on the following profiles: , ; Romagaga Facebook page.

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