Erika Canella Miss Bumbum 2016 poses for the portuguese playboy

Erika Canella on the beach.

Erika Canella, the great winner of Miss Bumbum 2016, will be the cover of the Playboy Portugal and will show her body and beauty. The posing took place last weekend in Lisbon, Portugal, and the result will be published in the May issue of the magazine. “I posed against the will of my church pastor,” she said. “My nakedness is against my faith.”

Miss Bumbum 2017

The Miss Bumbum organization is already releasing the list of candidates for the competition in 2017. Among them, Ana Luiza Neves, who works as a look-alike of singer Anitta, Rangel Carlos, polyamor practitioner, Jenny Summers, the first foreigner to participate in the competition, and Gilliane Bonheu, who removed her silicone gluteal prosthesis for the contest and was featured on international news.

Erika Canella posing for the Portuguese Playboy.

Last years Champion

Erika, 24, won the jury’s preference and took home the country’s best derrière title in a historic achievement: the Bahia candidate was the first black woman to win the contest, which reached its sixth edition in 2016.

Recently, Erika Canela posed  in a bathing suit and caused controversy with a stamp on her butt. The model was featured the model of the swimsuit that will be used in this year’s competition, replacing the traditional ones. The competition is in its 7th edition and creator Cacau Oliver has already warned that this is the penultimate edition. During the photos, the brunette attracted attention with her body and her sympathy, but also showed a curious detail in her butt: a stamp written “Made in Brazil. Validity 2017”, and after having the photo published in the official contest Instagram, the site has received complaints from the public, who did not like anything about this “stamped” on her. What did you think?
Erika Canella stamp.

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