Funkeira MC Bandida has new video censored by YouTube

Mc Bandida had video censored on YouTube.

The Brazilian funkeira MC Bandida saw her new video be successful, and be censored soon after. The singer released last Saturday (Apri 15 2017) the video for the song “Vou Te Dar Meu Coelinho”, which had more than 3 thousand views in three days. However, on Monday (17) the record was censored by Youtube.

Mc Bandida had video censored on YouTube.

Now, to watch the production you have to prove yourself to be over 18 years old. In social networks, MC Bandida manifested himself, saying that “it is no use denouncing, he (the video) is in the air and will remain in the air. If it’s forbidden, I’ll make another and as many as necessary. ”

MC Bandida became known with her semi nude protests in Brasilia and she applied for Deputy District and to the Tutelar Council of the DF. In 2015 she recreated the scene of the butt of actress Paolla de Oliveira in the miniseries “Felizes para sempre”.

You can follow Mc Bandida on her Instagram account.

Now, the funkeira has stated that she will attack politics in another way: interviewing politicians naked. She said she wants to star in a show on the web and would like to interview figures like Jair Bolsonaro, Marcos Feliciano and Tiririca. According to her, the result would be interesting: “I want to see the reaction of the interviewees, since I will be the first reporter to do a naked interview,” she said.

MC Bandida is also known for her unusual protests. She has been seen circulating in Brasilia always with little clothes, to fight for her causes: to lower the high value of the gasoline and to defend the operation “Lava Jato” are some of them.

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