On Snapchat, Iggy Azalea suggest partnership with Anitta, brazilian pop diva

Iggy Azalea gave clues on Snapchat about new partnership with Anitta.

Just as the fans, Iggy Azalea seems to be very excited about the ongoing partnership with brazilian singer Anitta, as he does not stop giving clues and small previews of the new song. The latest spoiler given by the rapper was last Sunday (April 16 2017), made through a short video posted on her Snapchat. Anitta has not yet spoken publicly about the new work.

Anitta and Iggy Azalea may launch hit made in partnership in the month of May .

Iggy Azalea, gave another clue to fans (both her and Anitta’s) to see what’s coming, showed in a very homely and calm climate in the small clip that she published in one of her social networks. In a white dressing gown, with no makeup and hair stuck back, the rapper showed off her tattoos, her hair and played with the resources of the Snapchat app while suggesting, through a short text in the video, a possible date for the release of the new hit that Is being done with the Brazilian singer. “Pre-sale in May? Single with Anitta in May? ” Wrote the blonde.

You can follow Anitta on Instagram here and you can follow Iggy Azalea on her instagram account too.

Partnerships across borders

After the success “Yes or No”, a hit that was the result of the union of talents between Anitta and the Colombian singer and singer Maluma, the greatest pop muse in Brazil has already proved by “a” more “b” that is increasingly inserted in the Career and in terms of improving it with projects that go beyond the Brazilian limits. In this logic, the funkeira has been showing that a lot of new (and good) is coming, and it seems that international partnerships are only beginning. In addition to Maluma and now Iggy Azalea, the muse seems to be full of contacts and friendships abroad and it may be that much more novelties than one imagines appear in the curriculum of the pop diva. What else does this beauty reserves for the fans?

Iggy Azalea gave clues on Snapchat about new partnership with Anitta.

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