Accused thief tattooed on the face in Brazil: accusers in jail

Face tatoo Eu sou ladrão e vacilão translation

Those responsible for tattooing “Eu sou ladrão e vacilão” (translation is something like ‘I am a thief and I mess up’) on the forehead of a minor, Ronildo de Araujo and Maycon dos Reis, were detained in the early hours of Saturday (June 10), in São Bernardo do Campo. The tattoo artist, Maycon Wesley, and his friend, who filmed the moment, were arrested for torture by the city’s Civil Police, who confirmed the information.

The young man, accused of stealing a bicycle from a man without a leg, had his forehead tattooed on the morning of Friday (9) and the moment was registered and posted on social networks. The boy has been missing, and when the case turned up, the family recognized him and took the video to the police.

Authorities went to the scene of the crime and the pair assumed they had made the tattoo as a form of ‘punishment’. The young man was not found, but Maycon and Ronildo claim to have released him.

Face tatoo Eu sou ladrão e vacilão translation

In the first video Maycon Wesley forces the boy to ‘ask’ for a tattoo with the word ‘thief’. The other, who filmed the moment, screams that ‘it will hurt’. In the other record, the pair makes the boy tell that he tried to steal the bicycle from a ‘man who works at the stop light’ and has no leg. Laughing, the men make the boy show his tattoo and ask if he liked it.

The tatoo artists were arrested in the state of São Bernardo do Campo on Friday night for torture. The tattoo was filmed with Maycon’s cell phone, shared in Whatsapp and the video viralized quickly. The detail is that the teenager was missing since May 31 and relatives recognized him when they also received the video of the teenager being tattooed on the forehead.

With the video in hand, they went to the Police to try to locate the teenager’s whereabouts. According to family reports to the police, the young man is a drug user and is not a sane person.

With the information passed by the family, a team of researchers followed to the Center of São Bernardo do Campo, where they located the tattoo artist on the sidewalk. There is no tattoo studio on the premises, but a boarding house where Ronildo and Maycon were neighbors.

At the police station, the two told the police that the teenager would have tried to steal a bicycle in the area and were disgusted with it and “decided to tattoo it as a form of punishment.”

According to recent information, the kid has been found and is being submitted to psychological evaluation.

Translation for the word ‘vacilão’ would be “an hesitator”, someone that hesitates. In Brazil, to vacilar, to hesitate, to make things wrong, got the meaning of not being brave enough, messing up or ‘f*ing up’ to be more specific.

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