American tourist robbed, reacts and goes under arrest for insulting police office

American arrested in Rio.

After reacting to a robbery in Ipanema, an American tourist was detained for insult to a Civil Police agent during a mess at the Tourist Attendant (Deat) in Leblon. Joe Ianco, a 54-year-old American, fought in the body with suspected assailants in the police station and was arrested. When cursed, he cursed the policeman in English.

“The tourist said that it did not mean anything to be in a police station and cursed civilian police in English. His behavior was unacceptable, “said titular delegate Valéria Aragão. In Rio since December 26, the American signed a circumstantial term of occurrence (in case of light infraction) and was released.

Joe was with a friend, Michael Bottari, 57. The two were approached by Anderson Cardoso, 42, who was armed when they left a building on Nascimento Silva Street. According to the Civil Police, Anderson tried to shoot at least four times against the victim, but the weapon failed. The American, who is a marathon runner, chased the bandit and went into a body fight with him.

He still slashed the American’s face and fled toward Rua Farme de Amoedo. There, while trying to surrender a taxi driver, he was surrounded by PMs from the 23rd BPM (Leblon). The military fired on the criminal, but he was not hit.

Before Deat, Joe and Anderson were taken to Miguel Couto Municipal Hospital in Gávea, as they were injured. Then, at the specialized headquarters, the tourist came back from the thief, but was restrained by an agent, who asked him to remain calm. “They (tourists) need to know that the legislation of each country needs to be respected”, stressed the delegate.

The robber accused was arrested in the act and will respond for attempted robbery (robbery followed by death). The indictment adds up to 13 notes in his criminal record, for theft, robbery, gun possession, drug use and domestic violence.

In the case of Ipanema, military police seized the weapon used by the accused, a 9-mm pistol with ammunition. Two rolex watches and a gold cord from the Americans, in addition to $ 1,070 in kind, have also been recovered. Joe is from New York (USA), but his friend Michael lives at Nascimento Silva Street in Ipanema. The assailant is also a resident of Morro do Cantagalo, also in Ipanema.

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