Drug bust at hostel in Rio de Janeiro

Greenhouse aprehended in hostel in Rio.The Drug Enforcement The Office (DCOD) held on the afternoon of Thursday, two international trafficking suspects in a hostel in Santa Teresa in Rio’s Central Region. Andre known as Papi, and Rafael Combat managed a laboratory containing 2 kilos of marijuana, a greenhouse with skank, material for preparation of drugs, US$ 38,000 and 10,000 euros.

According to the Civil Police, the investigation began three months ago. The laboratory was used for the preparation and bagging of drugs, which was acquired in large quantities in the Fallet and Fogueteiro community, later to be re-sold to high class youth and tourists during the Olympic period.

Also according to the investigations, the duo also exported the material to European countries such as Spain and the Netherlands, where every kilo of the drug was sold for 10,000 Euros.

Rafael Combat, was arrested by specialized agents with 38 thousand reais and 10,000 euros. Criminals received arrest warrants for trafficking offenses and association for drug trafficking. Andrew Papi was also arrested at the scene due to the large amount numbing material found in your home.

Large amount of money caught by police at hostel in Santa Teresa.

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Joe Cloud
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